The Conversations Managers Don't Want to Have

A Workshop to train you how to talk with others about awkward and difficult topics in ways that gain their cooperation and reduce stress and anxiety for you.

A DYNAMIC, FAST-PACED help you effectively resolve difficult problems in face-to-face meetings with employees, work teams and even your own manager.

Packed with SKILL BUILDING and SPECIFIC "HOW TO" STRATEGIES that you can use immediately.

Designed for Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, and others in Leadership Positions who work in Non-profit Organizations.

Managers and supervisors face many challenges, but few are as unwelcome and emotionally charged as the difficult and awkward conversations we must have with co-workers and employees who require re-direction, correction or firm confrontation about the quality of their work or their behavior on the job. In addition, sometimes you have to address problems in your working relationship with your own manager or supervisor.

Much of effective management is good communication -- setting expectations, assigning work, giving performance feedback, delegating, recognizing good work, administering reviews, reprimanding, career counseling and more. Each of these management functions requires us to communicate with precision and honesty and to do so in such a way that others can clearly understand without feeling defensive or attacked, especially if what we are communicating includes something negative.

Most of our work is done through conversations. Sometimes we lead, sometimes we participate and sometimes we facilitate conversations. None are easy but some are just plain hard. Our focus in this workshop is on these “hard” conversations. In addition to ‘what to say’ in these difficult conversations we will also discuss the issues you must take into account and provide a model for each type of conversation. We will also emphasize relevant skill building for each.

Certificate of Attendance for 5.5 clock hours will be provided.

Dear Participant:

I know what a tough job management is, particularly in non-profit organizations. Prior to becoming a seminar leader, I worked in a number of management positions in non-profits. Trying to do the best you can for your employees, your organization and yourself is sometimes an impossible balancing act. It is not your imagination that your job sometimes seems too difficult in the time available.

In facilitating management and executive training over these years I have consistently heard from participants that they want more of the ‘HOW TOs’ -- Tell us what to say to an employee with a performance problem. Tell us how to address a team with low morale. What should we say when...? While participants many times know the WHAT of management, I’ve found that the HOW is often lacking, hence the focus of this workshop. We will cover very little theory. Instead, we will work on concrete models and processes for successfully achieving the skills managers need to meet their responsibilities to their organization, their employees and themselves.

I know that your time is extremely valuable so I promise to make this a worthwhile use of your day. I will not waste your time. If you want to become a more effective, skilled manager, then please attend this workshop. My goal is to make your life easier, sending you out with a set of tools that you can easily use when you return to your organization.

Penny Altman/course instructor

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